Anniversary Trip to Remember

Anniversary Trip to Remember

Dear Friends,

Rob and I set off for Antigua last month, celebrating our 20th anniversary with dreams of turquoise waters and balmy breezes. Little did we know, the island had other plans.
Our boutique resort offered a private plunge pool, a cabana, and an outdoor shower - an "experience of a lifetime," or so we thought. Perhaps the first clue should have been the mosquito net adorning the bed. Then there were the spray bottles: Raid for the room (fumes to dissipate before returning) and Off for venturing outdoors.
Despite these hints, we chalked it up to the Caribbean experience - lush vegetation, beach proximity, and yes, some level of bugs. However, our "lifetime experience" took a turn when sand flies, or "no-see-ums," attacked Rob, leaving him with over 200 bites just one day into our vacation. Shockingly, I remained unscathed.
Unbeknownst to me, Rob wasn't feeling well. In our 20 years together, complaints from him about health were rare or non-existent. While surprised by the bite count, we assumed they were mosquitos, a known nemesis for him. As the day wore on, his symptoms worsened, but he kept them quiet until bedtime.
Panic heightened when he mentioned shortness of breath. We were at a remote resort, the front desk closed, and I had no idea how to call for help. Security offered little assistance. Exhausted, Rob said he was going to sleep. Fear gripped me as I monitored his breathing, praying for daylight and access to the front desk.

Thankfully, we made it through the night.

The resort doctor arrived the next morning. Prednisone and prescriptions for antihistamines and calamine lotion offered some relief. Rob, consumed by itching, longed for a shower. Unfortunately, our "experience" came only with an outdoor shower which was prone to more bugs. Despite it being our anniversary, all I wanted was to cut our losses, get Rob some relief, and go home.

Determined to find a better solution, I secured reservations at a different resort. While not beachfront, it offered an indoor shower - a godsend! The Lord really made a way for us to work things out without any hassle. The original resort, remorseful about our ordeal, covered the medication, taxi fare, and refunded the remainder of our stay without prompting. Our planned excursions were canceled and reimbursed seamlessly.

God orchestrated the meeting of the new resorts General Manager, Mr G., who was visiting our particular resort that day. After finding out about our story, he secured reservations at the resort’s "best restaurant," and informed the staff of our anniversary - he was incredibly gracious! Shortly after checking into our room Rob was ready to go home. As fate (and God) would have it, we, again, ran into Mr. G, and explained our current situation, and he graciously offered to waive our second night's stay.
Though the trip wasn't what we envisioned, it unfolded exactly as it needed to. We returned home safe, Rob recovered fully, and our appreciation for each other, and nearby beach destinations, deepened.
Next month, I'll share the valuable lessons learned from our Antigua adventure.
Still an adventurer at heart,

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