How to Help Your Furry Friends Adjust to a New Living Environment

How to Help Your Furry Friends Adjust to a New Living Environment

When making considerations regarding a move, don’t forget about your pets. They, too, are affected by the experience. Before you plan the move to the new house, think about how to minimize the impact on your dog and cat. Animals also need time to adjust to different living environments. 


Your Guide to Moving with Pets 


This short guide helps your pets acclimate to their new home. You’ll find several suggestions listed below for you to refer to before you move. Put them into action now to protect your furry friends. 


Make sure your pets are in the best health possible. 


Locate the name of an excellent veterinarian in the area and schedule an appointment with the animal doctor right away. Have a check-up done on each of your pets and make sure to update your current address in the system. If you haven’t had your pets microchipped, now is the time to do so. If they were to dart out the door unexpectedly, you have a greater chance of being reunited with them. The vet would be able to scan their microchip and give you a call. 


Allow your pets to explore their new area with supervision.  


For the first few days after moving, make sure that you follow your pet wherever they go. That way, you’re able to identify possible hiding spots in case they get scared. You won’t accidentally shut your cat into a cabinet or trap your pup in a crawlspace that you didn’t realize existed. Explore the home with them. You’ll also want to check the perimeter of the yards to make sure that there isn’t space for your dog to crawl under the fence. If there is a gap, take care of it right away by blocking it with a piece of plywood or an object large enough to defer the dog from going near it. 


Plan to have someone stay with the pet or take them to a kennel while you’re on vacation.  


Having your pet go on vacation with you after moving into a new house may be too much for their nervous system to handle. Instead, hire someone you trust to pet sit and care for the home while you’re away. You’ll take care of two things at once because someone will be able to pick up your mail and water your houseplants while staying with your dog or cat. If you can’t find someone who is available at the time of your vacation, locate the best kennel in the area by reading online reviews and selecting the business of choice. 


Animals Tend to Adjust to Change Quickly So Be Ready to Help Them Transition 


Allow your dogs and cats to adjust to their new living environment before leaving them alone for extended lengths of time throughout the day. When you do go on vacation, make sure that the animals go to a kennel to prevent them from escaping your home because they don’t know where you’ve gone. Give them space to explore, play, and become aware of the house they’re now living it. When animals get scared, they often flee out an open door or window because they haven’t gotten used to where they are just yet. 

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