See the Changing Colors of Fall in the Bay Area

See the Changing Colors of Fall in the Bay Area

Best Places to See the Changing Colors of Fall in the Bay Area


Who doesn’t want to embrace the onset of fall this year by getting outdoors to watch the leaves change color? We’ve found the best places to see the most colorful leaves and some of nature's most vibrant areas in the Bay Area.


San Francisco:

Golden Gate Park, Botanical Garden, Museum, Park

Make your way to San Francisco and go to the west edge of the city to catch a glimpse of the trees in Golden Gate Park. Peak-time fall colors can also be enjoyed at the San Francisco Botanical Garden and the Japanese Tea Garden. The Botanical Garden showcases everything from golden ginkgo trees to purple vine maples – and be sure to look out for the colorful Persian ironwood tree, too. At the Japanese Tea Garden, you can enjoy the changing leaf colors while walking across the Drum Bridge.



Community Park

Travel east and get over to Orinda Community Center Park, just off the Caldecott Tunnel, where yellow leaves pile up on the avenues in peak fall. Here you’ll find two playgrounds, a library, a large grassy area, picnic and barbecue spots, lit tennis courts, a gazebo and an amphitheater, ensuring plenty of space and opportunities for entertainment. Within the park and along Camino Pablo, you’ll be able to see the firs and maples changing into their fall costume; it’s not far from Orinda BART station and there’s a variety of delicious restaurants nearby.



Rancho San Antonio Preserve
In the South Bay and Peninsula area, the best spot for peak-time fall foliage is the Rancho San Antonio Preserve, home to a huge population of maples, oaks and flowering persimmons all displaying glowing colors of red, orange and yellow. Self-guided tours of the park are available all year round; sometimes there are also organized tours and festive holiday events on offer. Visiting the park should also include a trip to Deer Hollow Farm, a traditional ranch with piglets, sheep, goats, chickens and cows running around.


University of California Botanical Garden

The University of California’s Botanical Garden, in Berkeley, is one the best places in the East Bay area to leaf-peep during peak fall. It’s home to species of tree from almost every continent, and its Asian section is especially beautiful during fall, showcasing maple trees, as well as more than 450 different types of Japanese plants and flowers. Make sure you visit before the end of November, or early December at the latest, when the bright fall colors start to fade.


Oak Hill Park

Travel a little closer to home by checking out the 43-acre park that is right in your backyard. Oak Hill Park features a small lake that is visited by a variety of migrating birds while other beautiful birds call the park home. You can take a stroll or be more adventurous and go horseback riding through the beautiful trails that are surrounded by mature, abundant trees. Grab the family and make it a picnic day and enjoy the beautiful scenery.



There are many places all over the Bay Area to find some of the most beautiful scenes that nature has to offer. From the North Bay to the South Bay to the East, everywhere you look, you can see amazingly serene landscapes that you couldn’t imagine. Take a drive to a nature preserve or a walk to the neighborhood and grab some beautiful pictures to share with your family and friends.

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