FIVE Practical Tips for Beating Procrastination

FIVE Practical Tips for Beating Procrastination

Procrastination affects us ALL. Regardless of our reasons behind procrastinating on something, the outcome is always better if we just jump in and get it done. If you missed my video update, you can watch it here where I go a little more in-depth regarding how to overcome procrastination. Below are five practical tips that I have found helpful in beating procrastination:


1. Stop making excuses! There will never be a perfect time.


2. Start TODAY. Challenge: write down 3 things that you have been wanting to do, prioritize them, pick one, and start it RIGHT NOW.


3. Establish a schedule. Failing to plan is planning to fail.


4. Face our fears. Everyone has fears, and that is okay!


5. Focus on what you will GAIN, not on the work it will take you to get there. Nothing good ever comes easy. You have to put in the work.


Stop procrastinating! You only have this one precious life, and you have the power to make it count. I wanted to share these tips with you today because I needed to hear them myself, too. We could all use a little bit of help when it comes to procrastination. But together, we can do it!

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