Steps towards a smaller footprint

Steps towards a smaller footprint

In honor of Earth Day coming up, we wanted to put together some helpful tips and tricks for reducing your environmental footprint- just by making small changes around your home! Just as we care deeply for our clients, we also want to care for the Earth we share. With that being said, here are just a few simple tips that our team has tried to implement in their homes to reduce their environmental impact:

  • Choose energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances.
    • Energy conservation is key in maintaining an environmentally conscious home. Change those light bulbs!
  • Skip the single-use plastics and opt for more biodegradable or reusable solutions
    • Metal straws are great! Paper straws are becoming a popular alternative to plastic straws, which is a good solution. However, metal straws don’t fall apart easily like paper straws, and they are reusable! Emily, our marketing coordinator, keeps hers in her purse at all times. And to replace plastic saran wrap? Try wax-covered cloth (like this one!) to cover leftovers.
  • Use rechargeable batteries
    • This helps save potentially toxic waste from single-charge batteries that end up in dumps or landfills.
  • Compost!
    • Food waste that end up in landfills creates excess amounts of methane. However, by composting, you are helping save water, reduce landfill space, improve soil nutrients, and recycles organic materials.
  • No more plastic water bottles!
  • Remember reusable shopping bags
    • Keeping some reusable shopping bags in the trunk of your car can save you from using countless single-use grocery and shopping bags. With so many types and designs, you can look good while saving the planet. In addition to reusable grocery bags, try reusable produce bags. Instead of wrapping your produce from the grocery store in plastic, try a reusable mesh produce bag instead (bonus: these help the fruits/ vegetables to stay fresh longer!)
  • Turn off lights & electronics when not in use!

For more suggestions on how to Celebrate Earth Day by making just one (or more!) small change to your routine. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

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