Where to Find the Best Coffee in San Mateo

Where to Find the Best Coffee in San Mateo

Attention coffee lovers! Looking for that next unique find or a new local spot to peruse? Maybe you’re visiting from out of town, far away from your usual place that gets your cappuccinos just right. Maybe you’re looking for a change and wondering which Google searches are the most reliable when it comes to finding that perfect coffee blend.

If you’re in San Mateo or somewhere near the San Francisco area, your next best coffee place may be awaiting just below this opening paragraph. We’re bringing you the top-rated coffee places in the bay area, coming right up!

Peet’s Coffee, 2 locations

A Berkley original, Alfred Peet “wasn’t trying” to start a coffee revolution, but somehow managed to do it. Peet’s Coffee still lives up to the vision of being America’s most reliable blend. While stores from this chain appear to be everywhere, there’s nothing like having a brew in the hub of where it all started.

Blue Bottle Coffee, 3081 S. Delaware St.

This tranquil location in San Mateo has recently expanded past the San Francisco area. It’s located in the new, trendy Bay Meadows development. Blue Bottle Coffee carries not only high-end espresso but house-made pastries, including their beloved Liege waffles.

3 Bees Coffee, 224 E. 3rd Ave.

Ever craved the best of Italian treats without the money for a plane ticket? 3 Bees Coffee offers specialty hot and cold drinks from lattes to mochas, to cappuccinos. Locally owned and operated, it serves delicious treats while rotating work from various hometown artists. What could be better than an Italian latte with a cultural flair?

Patio Coffee Shop, 25 W. 25th Ave.

With coffee made fresh every day, this shop delivers both breakfast and lunch! Patio Coffee Shop takes pride in their food and brews, ensuring that each customer feels right at home! Enjoy your espresso and omelet with a homey, patio view!

Fiero Caffe, 106 S. El Camino Real

Fiero Caffe is another Italian bistro located along El Camino real. This restaurant’s Yelp reviews rave about the quaint atmosphere, wonderful staff, and delicious coffee! With hundreds of comments, the coffee appears to be a local favorite for caffeine cravers!

Kaffeehaus, 92 E. 3rd Ave.

Looking for an avocado toast to go with that Americano? Kaffeehaus is described as “cozy,” and is praised for selling smooth coffee and wine. Locals have stated that it embraces the European terrace lifestyle, especially with the pandemic further encouraging the business to utilize its fabulous deck space. Grab a latte in the morning, then come back for a pinot at night!

While everyone has their own favorite when it comes to finally putting to rest the age-old question, these are just a few places to start when searching for “the best cup of coffee.” At the end of the day, there is no replacing your usual morning coffee place that gives you that extra boost just before work. It may take a little time, but we’re hoping these highly-rated spots in San Mateo won’t let you down!


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