5 Sensational Restaurants in San Mateo

5 Sensational Restaurants in San Mateo

San Mateo is well known for its Mediterranean climate, rich history, recreational parks, and remarkable real estate opportunities. The county is also famous for its numerous eating outlets where you can enjoy food and drinks.

These restaurants serve all types of cuisines and range from five-star hotels to small cafes ideal for you and your family and friends. The following list reviews five sensational restaurants found in San Mateo.

  1. Windy City Pizza and BBQ (Bovet Road, San Mateo)

Windy City Pizza and BBQ is a cozy restaurant in San Mateo that offers the best deep dish pizza in California. The pizzas come with house-made sauce and Mozzarella cheese. The restaurant also serves Vienna beef hotdogs as well as Chicago Italian sandwiches. The menu is affordable, and the service is always quick, making Windy City Pizza and BBQ a must-visit place to eat in San Mateo.

  1. Nini’s Coffee Shop (Idaho Street, San Mateo)

Nini’s Coffee Shop is the best place to kick off your day because of its popular breakfast menu. According to ScienceDirect, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it boosts your energy levels and provides sustenance for activities throughout the day. Additionally, the little eatery also serves brunch and breakfast.

Nini’s Coffee Shop allows you to enjoy home-style cooking and healthy dishes like salads, gourmet sandwiches, and milkshakes. Its warm ambiance and friendly waitresses provide a relaxing environment to eat with family and friends.

  1. Jack’s Prime Burgers and Shakes (El Camino Real, San Mateo)

Housed in a modern-day diner with a patio, Jack’s Prime Burgers and Shakes is a restaurant that offers delicious flame-grilled burgers and shakes. The restaurant prides itself on using local ingredients, spices, and wines to prepare great food.

The patio has a capacity of 60 people and is ideal for holding your baby shower, birthday party, or family get together.

  1. Sushi Sam’s Edomata (3rd Avenue, San Mateo)

Although there are many sushi eateries in San Mateo, Sushi Sam’s Edomata is the best because of its incredible selection of sushi. The restaurant specializes in traditional Japanese sushi as well as classic meals. They also serve fantastic desserts like Annin tofu and ice cream.

The seafood used to complement the sushi is always fresh, delicious, and affordable. The spacious, well-lit dining room makes Sushi Sam’s Edomata suitable for families and large groups of friends.

  1. Rave Burger (3rd Avenue, San Mateo)

Rave Burger is arguably the best burger in San Mateo. The restaurant offers a wide variety of original as well as creative burger choices like mushroom burgers, macho burgers, and spinach chicken breast burgers. The restaurant’s signature meal is the Rave burger. The burgers are prepared using high quality beef and ingredients. Its super cozy atmosphere is great for chilling with family and friends.

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