Active Under Contract

Active Under Contract

What Does Active Under Contract Mean In Real Estate?

When it comes to purchasing property, there are many aspects that must be considered. Not only do you need to find a home that suits your needs and has the right price, but you also need to ensure that the property is zoned properly and is not currently under contract for sale. In this article, we’ll examine what “Active Under Contract” means in real estate and why this information is useful when searching for a home.

What does active under contract mean?

A property is said to be “active under contract” in real estate when the seller and a potential buyer have agreed on a sales price and are in the early stages of the transaction.

How to go about seeking properties under contract?

In terms of seeking properties, you can either contact the listing agent, who may have a specific privacy policy, or you can use a search engine to find listings that are currently under contract. You could also visit the county clerk’s office to see if there are any listings that are for sale and still pending under contract.

Where do I find active listings near me?

Active listings are generally the listings that are currently in the market for sale. This is not always 100% accurate, because some listings can be withdrawn or expired without any notice. You can always contact Meraki Real Estate for information regarding a home you’re interested in. We’ll be happy to help! 

What are some ways I can increase my chance of getting selected as the buyer?

There are a few things that you can do to increase your chance of being chosen as the buyer. The first thing is to make sure that your information is filled out completely and that you submit a full application. You should also mention what you would like to see in a home, what your desired price range might be, and any other important information. If possible, you should say when would be the best time for the seller to contact you so that they can match your needs with their available properties.


The bottom line is that you want to work with an agent who will actively help you find a home, negotiate for it on your behalf, and take care of any accompanying paperwork so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Meraki Real Estate, we’re experts in everything real estate and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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