Attracting Butterflies | October 2023

Attracting Butterflies | October 2023

Dear Friends,

If you spend your time chasing butterflies, they’ll fly away. But if you spend your time making a beautiful garden, the butterflies will come. Don’t chase, attract.


Most of my life I have been in the profession of sales in some capacity. After years of sales training and most recently being mentored by various real estate coaches, I have been taught, trained and conditioned to chase, chase and chase.


After decades of being programmed to chase, I have finally come to the realization that I. DON’T. LIKE. CHASING. Why it took me so long to figure that out, I’ll likely never know. Chasing goes against every fiber of my being. However, being the “rule follower” and “good student” that I am, I figured that all of these coaches and mentors that I invested, literally, thousands of dollars to learn from, who were all teaching the same things must be right, right?


Then why did it feel so wrong to me? I just couldn’t pinpoint it! I did A LOT of self-reflection. I was voracious in my attempt to discover the missing puzzle piece. I sought out different mentors, read numerous books, prayed and sought God and spent time with colleagues who I respected and were experiencing success in their respective fields.


Finally, I got it!


Imagine yourself sitting outside enjoying your garden on a lovely sunshiny day. You see birds, bees and butterflies happily fluttering about when, all of a sudden, you spot the most beautiful butterfly you’ve ever laid eyes on. Its stunning turquoise, pink and purple wings take your breath away. Suddenly, you jump out of your seat, overcome and crazed with the desire that you have to have that butterfly!


You grab a net and begin to swing it over your head, determined to catch that thing of beauty. You chase for hours and hours but all you seem to do is scare it off.


It’s only when we stop trying so fiercely and just relax, breathe and surrender our desire to God that the butterfly of our dreams calmly comes and lands on our nose. It’s about allowing instead of forcing. It's about releasing and trusting that if it’s in alignment with our life’s purpose, we will attract that which we desire.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


Instead of chasing, I am now committed to working on ME and spending time to become the best version of who God created me to be. I am committed to creating a beautiful garden (my life) with an intent to ATTRACT all things beautiful including relationships, business and, of course, butterflies!


Here’s to beautiful gardens & butterfly kisses!


P.S. Did you know that I’m a Certified Probate & Trust Specialist? I’m passionate about helping my clients protect their largest asset.

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