Best 4 Parks in San Mateo County

Best 4 Parks in San Mateo County

If you want to be healthy and happy, living near a park could be a good idea. Research shows that spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces, is good for you. Spending time in the community park, hiking through the woods, or biking in a park can boost a person’s mental health, lower stress levels, and decrease blood pressure.

Finding a home near a park where you can engage in outdoor activities is therefore a very smart idea, especially in San Mateo County where there is a multitude of parks. Below are four of the best parks in San Mateo County and the type of activities they offer.

1.   Oyster Point Park & Marina (Harbor Master Road, South San Francisco)

With its 33 acres of paved trails, picnic areas, and sandy beaches, Oyster Point Park and Marina is one of the best parks in San Mateo County. It has thrilling recreational facilities, with something for everyone.

Oyster Point Park & Marina has a 408-berth Marina for small boats and yachts, a 300-foot pier for fishing, and a boat launching ramp. It also has a park with hiking and jogging trails and a 2.5-acre sandy beach. It’s vast picnic areas are furnished with barbecues and picnic tables.

2.   Ryder Court Park (J Hart Clinton Drive, San Mateo)

Ryder Court Park is another top park in San Mateo County. It is situated in Shoreline Parks and offers great recreational experiences for people along San Francisco Bay. It has picnic facilities and a group barbecue for picnics. It has a nice walking trail along the Bay Marshes where one can see wildlife.

Ryder Court Park also has a 2-mile trail from Ryder Park to Coyote Point Park for biking. The bike trail is also great for walking and hiking. Lastly, the park has a well-maintained playground for kids, a sandy play area, and a water play area.

3.   Bay Meadows Park (East 28th Ave, San Mateo)

Bay Meadows is known for its natural beauty and space outdoor activities. Its most amazing feature is a full-size soccer field for playing football. The park also has picnic facilities and a lawn area. People can have an incomparable walking experience in the long walking path that circles around the park.

Its expansive lawn area is suitable for picnics and other outdoor activities. Bay Meadows also features a large pond that is home to many wildlife.

4.   Los Prados Park (Bahia Street, San Mateo)

Los Prados Park is home to picnic areas, a playground, and a multitude of athletic fields and courts. It is situated in a residential area, has large grassy fields, and picnic tables. In addition, the city park offers basketball and tennis courts as well as soccer and baseball fields. It also has a drop-in and reservable picnic areas and facilities.

Finding You a Great Home is Our Priority

Given the connection between green spaces and health, finding a home near a park should be a priority on your list of “wants”. If you are looking to relocate to San Mateo Meraki Real Estate can help you find the perfect neighborhood.

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