Change Your Seat | November 2021

Change Your Seat | November 2021
Hello Friends,
I recently attended a weekend retreat and the subject of “savor” was discussed. Savoring is the use of thoughts and actions to increase the intensity, duration, and appreciation of positive experiences and emotions. Savoring is being mindfully engaged and aware of your feelings during positive events. 
It hit me that I had been living out this practice of ‘savoring’ most recently during my son’s baseball games. The guest speaker shared about savoring moments during a vacation and a wedding and here I was savoring baseball game moments. My son, Samuel, just turned 14. I remember when he was a baby and the days seemed so long yet, in the blink of an eye, he is now a teenager! He’s been playing baseball since he was 4 years old. The game of baseball has consumed our lives and the majority of our weekends for over 10 years. As tiring as all of the traveling can sometimes be, I thoroughly enjoy watching my son do what he loves! I’m not, however, disillusioned with the fact that this season too, shall pass, so lately, I’ve been savoring the moments. 
I breathe deeply and intentionally take in the sights, sounds and smells all around me. The crisp, chilly air in the early mornings, the sound of the ball when it hits square on the bat, the bright stadium lights adorning the field at evening games, the sound of the ball landing perfectly in the catcher’s glove as the umpire motions in the air with his hand clenched and yells, “‘Strike!” The scent of the freshly cut grass or the delicious smell of barbecue finding its way up the rafters of the bleachers. Savoring. Every. Moment. Because I know, this season too shall pass. 
There were several times during the retreat where we were given time to be alone. I always chose a place outdoors to enjoy the natural beauty of God’s creation. One outing I sat in the same place and I felt God whisper to me to “change my seat” so I did. I walked across the path to another lovely spot and looked up. To my delight I noticed how tall the trees were and how slowly the clouds were traversing overhead as a bird flew by. There! I changed my seat, now what, I thought? 
Ever so sweetly I felt the Lord tell me to change my perspective. I was thinking about the subject of“savoring” and it reminded me of how often I’m not fully present and how, oftentimes, I focus on my lack versus focusing on my abundance. God knew I was thinking about certain people in my life thatI’ve tried, repeatedly, to spend time with and they always have an excuse as to why they don’t have time for me. I always feel so rejected. It’s silly, really. I’m sad & hurt about people I love & want to spend time with that don’t want to spend time with me.
Change your seat, said the Lord. Savor the moments you DO have with them. Don’t take their rejections personally. You love them. They don’t make time for you when you want to spend time with them. That’s okay. SAVOR the times you do get to spend with them and cherish THOSE memories. Change my perspective. There are SO many other people who MAKE time for me andWANT to be with me. Change my seat. Savor. All. The. Times. I get to spend with all of the people I love regardless of what’s reciprocated. Period.
As we embark upon the holidays I can only imagine the joy and stress we are all feeling about who’s paths we will soon cross. Friends, savor each moment. Focus on the good of each person. Lose yourselves in the wonder and awe of this time that we have. Bask in the beauty that surrounds you. Express gratitude for everything you have. Truly, we all have much to be thankful for. 
Friends, I am so very thankful for each and every one of YOU! Wishing you all a season of Savoring Moments and an opportunity to change your seat and to see life from a new, fresh, grateful perspective. With love & thanksgiving,


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