Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Christmas Home Decorating Ideas


Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the world and we would like to help you with decorating ideas for this holiday. When you think of Christmas, what do you think of? Do you think of red and green tinsel? Do you think of the Grinch? Do you think of a white wonderland? In this blog we will help give you some great Christmas home decorating ideas.


What is your Focal Point?:

Let us start with your focal point. What do you want to be the most eye catching, the most talked about, the most important piece of Christmas decor? Once you pick what you want to be the centerpiece of your Christmas season, you will have an easy time working around your biggest attraction and coming up with other ways to compliment your beauty.


A Big, Beautiful Tree:

Many people want their Christmas tree to be the main attraction when it comes to Christmas and maybe you do too. There are so many options when it comes to Christmas trees and decorating, we are going to help you make a couple of those decisions. Do you want a real tree or a fake tree? Real trees are traditional, smell wonderful and give a real sense of the holiday season, but they also can be messy and need love and attention. Artificial trees have become a staple now with their simplicity and design, they can come prelit, pre-decorated, pre-anything, you can even get decorations that smell like pine so they feel more like a real tree. 


Now that you picked your tree, how do you want to decorate it? There are so many options on decorating that it can get overwhelming, but we are here to help you. You can go with traditional decor with classic ornaments like candy canes, garland, green and red bulbs. You can go elegant and decorate your tree with beautiful white lights, classy ribbon, ornaments that compliment each other. Or you can go the opposite way and have yourself a country tree with cozy features, woodland creatures and plaid accents.

An Extra Large Wreath:

Sometimes you rather go off the beaten path and what better way to do it during Christmas than make a wreath your go-to rather than the traditional Christmas tree. There are so many wreath options, similar to trees, but these are simplified and sometimes easier. Where do you want to place your wreath; the front door, above the fireplace, living room, the possibilities are endless. Decorating your wreath is very similar to the way you would decorate your tree, which style would you want to use, what colors would you like to pop out most?

A Beautifully Decorated Mantel:

What says winter more than a fireplace, so why not use that fireplace to show off your Christmas decor? Fireplaces can usually be seen as a focal point in any room, especially during the colder months so why not make it feel and look extra special. You can decorate your mantel with anything ranging from festive garland, an impressive nativity scene, family stockings, variety of trees, etc. Have your mantel tell a story.

Lights, Lights, Lights:

Make a statement with your lighting. Christmas lights aren’t just for trees anymore so make your whole home light up and make that your focal point. Put lights in front of your home, on the front yard, around the door, on your tree, on your wreath, have light up snowflakes come from your ceiling, on your mantel, in every room, in the backyard, just put those lights everywhere and create you and your family a bright and shiny winter wonderland.



Decorating for Christmas can be fun and enjoyable but can also add stress especially when you don’t know where to start. Hopefully we were able to help you find your start and gave you good ideas to take some of that stress off. Enjoy Christmas and show everyone just how beautiful and wonderful the holiday can make you feel, have that Christmas spirit shine through. Merry Christmas to you and yours, from the Meraki Real Estate team.

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