Finding Community | August 2019

Finding Community | August 2019

Dear Friends,

As you know we spent our summer in New York and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Upon leaving Cooperstown, our whole family was a bit emotional. My son longed to see his baseball buddies and said repeatedly how much he missed them. Rob & I also found ourselves saddened to leave our baseball family. 

As we drove silently Upstate to our next destination, I began to reflect on the emotions we were all feeling. What I realized is something that I have always said and truly believe. We, human beings, were created to be in community. And, here on the Peninsula, my experience is that it has been incredibly difficult to build and cultivate community. We’re all so busy trying to survive and “keep up with the Joneses” that we simply don’t have time for one another. My son has challenges setting up hangouts because many of his friends are overbooked with activities that there’s no time to “just play or hangout.” Our friends are too tired from their commutes to hangout and when they do have time they’d rather just hang at home to recuperate and be with their own families. I get it. I understand the pressure and stress of living here. I don’t like it, yet, I do get it.

However, for 1 week, 12 families from Foster City & San Mateo lived life together in New York. Yes, it was all surrounded by baseball yet, we lived life TOGETHER. There were no deadlines to meet and appointments to get to. There were no practices to drive the kids to. There was just baseball and community … for 1 week! As I write this my eyes are welling with tears at the beauty and simplicity of that 1 week! Intrinsically, God created us all to be in community and to live life together!

I found out that we weren’t the only family that felt this way after leaving New York. For weeks upon our return parents & kids were texting, calling and emailing to hangout. It was amazing! I remember dropping Samuel off at the baseball fields to “just hang out” with his teammates. There were about 7-8 of them. They were all so happy to see each other! I drove away crying. Tears of joy because, literally, for 12 years all I ever wanted for my son was to have friendships like the ones that were built during our time in New York. Silly as it sounds, it’s true!

Now, I don’t know what will come of all this. I hope and pray it’s the start of some meaningful relationships. Yet, if it isn’t, I won’t stop trying! If you’re reading this and this resonates with you, I want to encourage you to make time for the people you love. I know life is busy. I know your tired. I know you have too much on your plate. Yet, I also know, when you’re on your deathbed, you won’t wish you worked more. You’ll wish you spent more time with the people you love. Let’s all do that now. Today! Pick up the phone, get in your car or on a plane and reach out to someone you love and just be in the moment with them. Set a date with a dear friend you may have lost touch with or a new friend you’ve been wanting to get to know better. I promise it will be well worth it! 

Here’s to Community and Friendships! May we have them and may we be them to others!

Love your friend,


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