GO M.A.D. | August 2021

GO M.A.D. | August 2021
Dear Friends,
A few months ago I shared about making a difference in other people’s lives and I encouraged us to share experiences in our own lives that have made a difference.
In light of the uncertainty of the times, I want to revisit this thought and encourage us all to “Go M.A.D” (Make A Difference), no matter how big or small. We will never know the impact we have on another’s life with the random acts of kindness that we spread. Let’s create a movement of positivity. Are you with me?

I’ll share a few things that have happened in my own life lately. I was out visiting some of my clients and colleagues and I hadn’t eaten breakfast. I stopped by my friend Angie’s work (she also happens to be a client) and she asked if I had time to grab lunch. I politely said, “no, I have a few more people to see.” She then asked if I would stop by her house so I can see all of the renovations they’ve done so far (how could I possibly say no to that)? While I was following her back to her house I thought to myself, “Why did you pass up lunch with her? You haven’t eaten and you need to eat!” Lo and behold, we made it to her house and her kitchen was incomplete renovation mode. She said they haven’t been able to cook a meal in weeks yet she offered to make me lunch. I was humbled and filled with such gratitude for her hospitality. She offered me a meal even though there was no kitchen to cook. I was inspired by her generosity. While I was there 2 other friends stopped by and she fed them too!
Although her home was under construction she made me feel loved and cared for and taught me a valuable lesson. It doesn’t matter what your home looks like if the condition of your heart is full of love for others. I was humbled by her hospitality and it inspired me to do the same when an opportunity presents itself. Angie truly Made A Difference in my life that day!
I also have a friend who sends me a handwritten note of encouragement & support every time she receives one of these letters that you’re reading now. I look forward to her note every month. She definitely Makes A Difference in my life with her encouraging words.
My family & I pray often about how we can help others in need. I was reminded that I used to donate blood on a regular basis. I actually don’t remember why I stopped other than my life got busy. I thought this is one way I can give back & help others. So, I donated blood for the first time in years just a few weeks ago. I can donate every 8 weeks! I also learned that less than 10% of people donate blood to support 100% of patients in need. I encourage you to donate too if you are led to do so! It reminded me that I can Make A Difference in other people’s lives and never know about it. How amazing is that?!
Most recently, I had a routine mammogram. I didn’t think much of it as it is something I know I need to do to care for myself. While there I received a text message from my husband that read, “Praying for you! I know you don’t like getting them done.” It brought tears to my eyes to know that he was thinking of me. He Made A Difference in my life with just those thoughtful words.
I know that all of you spread goodness & kindness wherever you go! Let’s start a movement of positivity and encourage others to do the same! The smile you share, the words you speak, the acts you do (whether big or small) Makes A Difference in other people’s lives!

If you’re looking for ideas to Make A Difference would you consider joining the amazing work that Generations United continues to do with the economically disadvantaged families in Redwood City?

I can’t think of a better way to engage with the community than through Generations United! Their model is to be proximate with those in our community who have the greatest need. They will be launching their new academic enrichment center for the school year in September and are in the midst of a match campaign! They have a $40,000 match through the month of August.

They have gratefully raised $31,000 and only have $9,000 left to raise through August 31st! These funds will go towards setting up the center and hiring additional staff. The best news is that it’s right in the heart of North Fair Oaks where most of the families live in mobile trailer parks and apartments.
I can’t wait to see & hear about all of the ways YOU continue to “Go M.A.D.” in your community!
Gratefully yours,

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