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How to Keep Your Children Busy While Staying Home

How to Keep Your Children Busy While Staying Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced the world to many changes rapidly. Although it’s only been a few weeks since the United States has experienced the viral outbreak, it likely feels like months. If you have school-age children, they may feel restless due to the closure of their classrooms and the lack of face-to-face contact they have with their teachers and friends.

You, along with them, are going through a transitional period. Not only are you balancing the roles of parent, teacher, and remote worker, you also are cook, housecleaner, and peacekeeper. Wearing so many hats may feel tiresome, but there are things you can do to help yourself. Among the most important is finding ways to keep your kids occupied while you get the things you need to do around the house done.

Activities for Your Kids to Do That Will Keep Them Engaged

Variety is the spice of life. It allows your kids to stay busy by giving them options that keep them from growing bored. Extending these activities outdoors, in your yard, helps children burn excess energy and get the Vitamin D their bodies desperately need to remain healthy.

Some creative and successful ways to keep your children busy while staying home include:

  • Find ways to make mundane tasks into fun and rewarding games. For example, allow them to earn special prizes and privileges for completing chores. You don’t need to give them allowance because they’ve pitched in. Instead, you can give them ‘challenges’ that allow them to earn tokens that they can later use to buy the rewards that they want most.
  • Work on a puzzle or riddle together. It’s a great way to exercise the brain. It can be a lot of fun problem-solving challenges, too. You can opt for physical versions of puzzles or puzzle books or find a suitable option online. Your public library’s virtual resources may even be able to supply you with puzzles that you can access for free.
  • Create art or music around a specific theme. You provide the subject and supplies, and the kids supply the creativity and imagination. After everyone has completed their project, have a talent show where they can show their skills off. Keep the activity going for weeks.

Knowing which types of things your kids enjoy doing helps keep them focused on the task at hand for longer periods. Asking them which activity they’d like to participate in ensures that you have less resistance and more participation. Giving older children access to the things they need to self-direct activities is also important because it frees up your time by creating less work for you.

Encourage Self-Directed Activities and Outdoor Play in Their Yard

Make it easier on yourself by having your children home full-time by encouraging them to explore their indoor and outdoor environments in many different ways. From creating chalk art in the driveway to lift your neighbors’ spirits to learning how to follow a recipe step-by-step in the kitchen, many options are awaiting you and your kids. All you need to do is pick a self-directed or guided activity and let your children be the creative beings that they are currently.

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