Life's Transitions

Life's Transitions
Hello Friends,
I recently co-hosted my first seminar since before the pandemic. The topic was on Rightsizing. While downsizing is often accompanied by the idea of getting rid of things, rightsizing simply means shifting your surroundings to suit your needs and facilitate a happier lifestyle. As we concluded this seminar, I was reminded of why I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.
We all have stories and experiences that uniquely shape who we are and what we become passionate about. Transitions are a natural part of our lives. Some are planned, others we have no control of. For me, the ones that I had no control over were the ones that had a lasting impact on my life. For example, my parents getting divorced, an unexpected tragedy that derailed my future college plans, and the death of my Lola (Grandma), just to name a few.
There were also transitions that were planned yet difficult nonetheless. For example, getting married (although planned, it was quite an adjustment having lived on my own for some time), having a baby (joyful as it was, I struggled emotionally), and moving after having lived in our home for 16 years.
Looking back now at the fabric of my life, it’s no wonder that all of those experiences have led me to be a real estate professional. The transitions that were not planned and I had no control over were the ones I felt most alone and afraid.
Those were the transitions in which I wished I had someone by my side to help me get through it. Wherever you are in your journey of life, you don’t have to walk it alone.
I’m passionate about helping you and being a resource for you and your family whether or not that means downsizing (or upsizing) and selling your home, or rightsizing and staying where you are yet needing resources to make adjustments to your current environment.
I’ve walked through lonely paths and transitions in my own life and it’s my heart’s desire that, when you choose to partner with me, you will feel assured in knowing that you will not walk through your transition alone. I will be here for you.
I got your back!
With love & gratitude,
p.s. Did you know that we help at least half a dozen families relocate or buy investment property outside of our area annually? We have a network of amazing agents across the country that we can refer you to wherever life may take you.
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