Moving Safety Tips You Need To Know

Moving Safety Tips You Need To Know

Moving Safety Tips You Need To Know

Moving can be a stressful time. Between packing, cleaning, and finding a new home, it’s easy to forget about the process of moving. Here are some important moving safety tips to know that’ll remind you about certain safety precautions when moving out of your home and into a new one. 

Simple Moving Safety Tips

There’s no denying that moving can be an exciting time, but it’s also important to keep safety in mind. Here are some moving safety tips to help you avoid those unpleasant surprises: 
1. Plan your move thoroughly. Make a list of what needs to be moved, where it needs to go, and when you’ll be able to do it. This will help you avoid rushing and making mistakes.
2. Let someone know when you’re moving. Tell a friend or family member where and when you’ll be arriving. Consider this for your safety if you are traveling long distances when moving your valuables from one town to another. Get locks for your moving van or truck so there won’t be any potential break-ins to your valuables.  
3. Do not overload the boxes. Use only as much packing material as is necessary to secure items. Try to use heavy items on the bottom of the box, and lightweight items on top. Also, position larger objects at the base of the box for added stability.
4. Utilize safe lifting techniques. It’s often recommended to leave the heavy-duty work for the professionals. That’s what movers are for! But, if you catch yourself in an iffy situation alone, make sure to get a firm grip of the object. When you’re lifting heavy objects, always keep a straight back to avoid getting any back injuries and keep the heavy objects centered in relation to your body to maintain a stable stance throughout.
5. Make sure your appliances are properly packed. When moving appliances, pack them securely in their boxes and padding if necessary. Place heavy objects on top to prevent them from falling off during transport. Be especially careful with appliances such as washers and dryers; if they fall off the truck, they could cause serious damage.
6. Arrive prepared for the weather conditions. Weather conditions can change quickly during a move, so be sure to bring supplies such as blankets, hats, and food in case it gets cold or wet.
7. Know your limits. If you’re not sure how much weight you can handle, back off until you are. Even if you think you can handle more, make sure to always proceed to the side of caution.
8. Hire a moving company. If you have the funds to hire a moving company, you should do it. Of course, you can help pack up the small stuff but items such as beds, couches, refrigerators or washers and dryers can really wear you down when moving. Save your energy by allowing movers to help you relocate. They normally will bring their own tools to help break down your furniture and reassemble it once they get to your new home. 


Avoid getting any injuries when you follow these important moving safety tips! The last thing you want are potential injuries that prevent you from enjoying your new living space. Just remember, these moving safety tips allow you to save time and energy when moving from your home. 

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