One Word That Will Change Your Life | February 2022

One Word That Will Change Your Life | February 2022
Dear Friends,
For the past 6 years I have prayed for a word for the year to focus on. A word that will help me achieve the goals I set out for myself. A word that will keep me focused and, hopefully, aid in my personal growth for that year. This year was no different except, this year, I read a 4-day devotion on how to select your word entitled “One Word that Will Change Your Life.” I was enthralled.
Statistics show that 50% of resolution-makers fail by the end of January and 9 out of 10 quit by March! We try to do too much and as a result, we don’t do anything very well. It’s frustrating, deflating and discouraging. One Word helps us simplify our lives by focusing on just ONE WORD for the entire year.
This One Word can be a catalyst for life-change. I was intrigued and encouraged! I’d never focused on my One Word with such intentionality. It went on to say that clutter and complexity lead to procrastination and paralysis, while simplicity and focus lead to success and clarity. When we discover our One Word for the year, it gives us more clarity, passion and purpose for life.
The devotion went on to say that as soon as we discover our word, it will initiate a process of teaching, developing, refining, and molding. God will use our word as a light and a mirror – illuminating our path & revealing things that need to change. It facilitates a great journey of highs and lows all designed to make us into the person we were created to be. That word will brand us for that year!
If you want to know my word, please reach out, I’m happy to share it with you. 🙂
Are you curious to discover your word? Will you consider joining me? If you’re willing, share your word with me and, together, let’s see how our One Word might just change our lives!
Committed to growth,

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