Questions To Ask At An Open House

Questions To Ask At An Open House

15 Important Questions to Ask at an Open House

Are you planning on purchasing a house soon? In order to get the best deal and pitch a great offer to the seller, you need to ask the right questions that’ll help you attain your dream home. Here are 15 questions to ask at an open house.

“Why is This House For Sale?”

If you know the reasoning behind the sale, it can give you insights into whether or not the house is worth buying. The seller could’ve gotten a new job opportunity, or they’re moving somewhere else. They could also just be making a profit or just simply not satisfied with the house.


For example, if you know that the seller is pressed for time, then you can use it to your advantage to submit a fast offer that can help you in obtaining the house.

“How Long Has it Been on the Market?”

When you know how long the house has been up for sale, it can give you important insights as you’re considering making an offer. If the property has been on the market for quite some time, it could mean that the house has some concerns or that the seller refuses to negotiate.


However, you may have the upper hand if the home has been on the market for longer than normal. The seller can tend to be more receptive to an offer that’s lower than what they expect and may be more accepting of your offer if they’re having trouble selling the house.

“Are There Other Offers for the House? If So, How Many Are There?”

It’s a good idea to find out if the seller has received offers previously and the reasoning behind why these offers did not push through. This helps you understand if the seller is picky with offers and how open-minded they are when it comes to negotiations.


Additionally, you want to know if there are other offers on the table currently. This allows you to make your best offer if you’re aware that you’re bidding against other buyers. However, if there aren’t other bidders, then it’s safe to give a lower offer instead.

“Does The House Have Any Structural Concerns?”

It’s required for sellers to disclose any code or structural issues that exist within the property. You should request an official seller’s disclosure for the agent. The disclosure will help you brainstorm more specific questions that you want to be answered.

“Did the House Undergo Any DIY Renovations?”

Were there any renovations that were done to the house by the homeowner? These DIY renovations can cause issues later on, especially if they didn’t obtain proper permits to conduct these renovations.


If you want to be safe, you can opt for a professional home inspection before you close on the house. You will be informed of any current issues of the house that need to be resolved.


“When Was The House Last Updated?”

It’s important for you to get a picture of when the house’s features and major systems were updated. This includes the siding, electrical and heating system, air conditioning, roof, and a lot more. Having a house inspection helps as well. The inspectors will share their insights and determine the age of the important features and how long they have left.

“What Comes With The Home Sale?”

Did you know that it’s not required for sellers to include anything that isn’t attached to the house? So the stoves, refrigerators, and other appliances you see won’t usually come with it.


You can inquire about what the seller is adding to the sale and which items they’d be willing to include for the proper offer. Is the house move-in ready, or do you have to purchase a bunch of furniture and appliances? Asking about this will help you in estimating the costs when you move in. 

“Is there a Homeowners Association?”

Whenever you visit an open house, don’t forget to ask if the home is part of an HOA. When it comes to suburban neighborhoods, HOAs are pretty common, and they have rules, regulations, and fees for the homeowners who reside there.


If the house has an HOA, you should ask for the name so that you can research more about the policies they have. Don’t forget to ask the price of their monthly or annual dues.

“How is the Neighborhood Like?”

You may have fallen head over heels for the home, but you should also at least find the community it’s located in decent. Don’t be afraid to ask the agent more about the neighborhood and neighbors.


If you have pets or children, you can also ask about the nearby playground, dog parks, and trails. It also helps to know the average age of the neighbors so you can have an idea on the typical activities you may witness in the area.

“What’s the seller’s timeline?”

It’s smart to get a feel for the seller’s timeline. If the seller is ready to move immediately or has already moved, then chances are they’re likely to hear your negotiations. However, if the seller is not in a rush to sell their home, they’re definitely waiting for the best offer.

“What Utilities Does The House Have?”

If you’re looking for a home that’s energy efficient, then don’t forget to ask this question! It will help you find out if the house uses solar energy, electricity, natural gas, or a mix of both. Additionally, inquiring about the cooling and heating systems can give you an estimate of the total monthly costs, which allows you to budget better.

“When Did They Last Update The House’s Major Utilities?”

You also need to know when the utilities were last updated, such as water heaters, HVAC units, as well as plumbing systems. This helps to anticipate any repairs that may arise and how much it would cost.

“What Spots and Amenities are Nearby the Home?”

You can ask the agent if there are any walking trails, pools, parks, and other neighborhood amenities nearby. Furthermore, you can ask for recommendations of businesses close by that are important to you, such as gyms, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc.

“Can I Picture Myself Living Here?”

You should ask yourself this question while you’re checking out the house. Do you see yourself and your loved ones living inside the house? Will your decor and furniture complement the property’s aesthetics?  How about in terms of getting good phone reception inside the home? 


It’s important as well to assess any updates you’d have to make once you purchase the house. Do you have the budget for those renovations,n and do you think it’s worth the time?


“Have There Been Pests In The House Before?”

Raccoons, bees, termites, and other uninvited visitors can deter a homebuyer from making an offer if the house is infested or prone to them. If the pests are not that bad, at least you’ll have a better idea and come prepared to deal with these pests in the future.


As a responsible homebuyer, you need to ask the right questions to ensure that the property you’re buying is worth the money you worked so hard for. These questions also help you determine the kind of house that you want.


Now that you know the important questions to ask at an open house, use them to your advantage on your next open house visit!

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