Thanksgiving Home Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Home Decorating Ideas


Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays that is the kick off to the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is most well known for families coming together from all over to celebrate at a family gathering. Not all Thanksgivings are created equal, from different types of food to different home decor. In this blog we will help give you some great Thanksgiving home decorating ideas.


Pick a Color Scheme:

The easiest way to start your decorating adventure will be to pick a color scheme. What colors do you want to focus on this Thanksgiving? The most traditional colors are earth tones; brown, green and white. If you prefer to be bold you can choose; orange, purple and crimson. Or why not mix it up, be bold and traditional.

Set a Beautiful Table:

The dining room table is probably the most seen and used piece of furniture during Thanksgiving, it is where everyone comes together to break bread and celebrate. A beautifully decorated table will make Thanksgiving look and feel more special, so what do you want on your table? You can start with a festive tablecloth or table runner and add your own touch with a beautifully crafted centerpiece. Your centerpiece can be anything from an array of pumpkins and squashes to making your own cornucopia.

Set the Mood with Scented Decor:

Want to give your guests an immersive experience? Add scented decor to the mix and get your guests in the mood for the festivities. Fill the room with autumn scented candles like pumpkin or sugar and spice, have them in cranberry colored jars that add a pop of color to any room. Want to go a step further, add potpourri to a decorative bowl or a hand scented cinnamon broom.

Add a Cozy Touch:

What says fall more than cool weather and cozy blankets? Add some textured throws, colorful quilts and soft cushions to areas around the house. Textures and colors are very important when it comes to the look and feel of the holidays. Have you picked your color scheme yet? Would a burgundy velvet blanket look amazing on your love seat? What about a cream chunky knit throw? 

Warm Up by an Elegant Fireplace:

Make a statement with your festively decorated mantel. Show off your creativity by decorating your fireplace with fall foliage, glowing candles and gords with fun splashes of color. What a better way to end the night than curled up with your family, under your favorite fuzzy blanket, holding some hot cocoa while next to your fabulous, relaxing fireplace.



Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, food, comfort and beauty. Grab all of your favorite people, invite them over and surround them with all the calming colors, relaxing scents and warming atmosphere this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, from the Meraki Real Estate team.

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