The Challenge of Time Management

The Challenge of Time Management

Time management is hard! Especially recently, I feel like there is simply not enough hours of the day to accomplish everything I need to do.


To encourage myself in this department, I have started reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. In this book, he challenges readers to document every minute of your day for the next three weeks. It sounds daunting, but I am confident that it will be an excellent exercise in helping me hone in my time management skills. As you know, I am all about self-improvement and using each day to become a better person than I was the day before.


It is my hope that through this challenge, I become better at managing my time in the most effective and efficient ways possible. I encourage you, too, to join me in this challenge! I would love to be kept accountable by you, and vise versa, as we work together to become masters of time. Our time is SO valuable and it is time we start treating it as such, to the best of our ability.


For more information, please see this video here, the most recent of my series Rica’s Inspiration Minute!

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