Top 5 Day Trips and Local Getaways Near San Mateo County

Top 5 Day Trips and Local Getaways Near San Mateo County

Looking for a nice getaway but too busy to plan a lengthy trip? There are so many options for quick and wonderful day trips! Day trips have become more popular since the pandemic started, especially if you’re looking to spend a few hours outdoors. Here are five locations around the San Mateo and San Francisco areas for you to enjoy if you’re looking for a quick break from the busy workload!

The San Mateo Japanese Garden

Looking for a tranquil getaway around the city? The San Mateo Japanese Garden is located in Central Park in downtown San Mateo. Rated as a top attraction in San Mateo, the garden boasts radiant, relaxing foliage. You can take a visit across the world right in your own town!


Next to Oakland is the little charter city of Alameda. It’s been compared to Coney Island in New York and was a major recreational city in the 1920s and 30s. It boasts the beautiful shores of Neptune Beach, which was the first to sell the American snow cone and popsicle! Get your fill of history and the beautiful shores in Alameda!


Take in the breathtaking views of Sausalito bay, located at the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. Locals know the best way to see the gorgeous marina near the city is to take a ferry ride. A popular place, it’s home to more than four hundred houseboats. You can even see the historic redwoods from the bay!

Muir Woods

Less than fifteen miles away from San Francisco, the Muir Woods National Monument is home to hundreds of ancient, beautiful redwoods. The park contains over six miles of hiking trails and has been open since 1908. Look closely enough and you’ll likely see a bobcat or a deer!

Hillsdale Shopping Center

This large mall is home to over 100 retailers and is just off of Highway 101. The mall completed a massive redevelopment in late 2019. Its new North Block ushers in a line-up of noteworthy restaurants and entertainment. It has all the sweet and savory things you could dream of. From Asian cuisine to pizza, to gourmet burgers, you’ll never be at a loss for dining options! Just be sure to stay long enough to help yourself with gourmet coffee and freshly baked goods!

If you look long and closely enough, you’ll be surprised to find the little treasures you’ve been passing by all this time! If you’re in the San Mateo or San Francisco area, all you need is gas in your car and supplies for the day to visit these locations! You won’t be disappointed as you’ll find these destinations are ripe with history, beauty, and delectable coffee! Google map these places and consider taking your family for the day!

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