Home Staging in San Mateo: What is it and What are the Benefits

Home Staging in San Mateo: What is it and What are the Benefits

Thinking of putting your home up for sale in San Mateo? Keep in mind that long gone are the days where doing a few repairs and listing your home was enough. With a majority of buyers starting their search online, you need to go beyond taking quality pictures. You need to stage your home. Although it may seem like an added cost, here’s why home staging is of the essence in San Mateo.

What is Home Staging?

When selling a home in San Mateo, you want it to appeal to buyers. Staging is the act of intentionally prepping both the interior and exterior of a home so it appeals to a diverse array of buyers. Depending on the seller’s situation, home staging in San Mateo may involve furniture rearrangement, a paint job, or even bringing in new furniture.

It Makes Your Home Standout

Your home competes with a plethora of other houses not only within your neighborhood but also the rest of San Mateo the moment you put it on the market. Despite the stiff competition, you only have about 7 to 10 seconds to wow the potential buyer.

since home staging is perceived as an expensive endeavor, many sellers might prefer to skip it. home staging automatically makes you stand out.

Staging helps buyers visualize their lifestyle in your space, and entices them to come for the home viewing. Home staging impresses them not just because your listing is different, but also because you went the extra mile to bring their reality closer.

Shifts Buyer’s Focus from Property Flaws

Professional home stagers in San Mateo know how to bring the best out every room. For instance, if your living room is small, most potential buyers may dismiss it for this reason. However, when you employ the help of a professional stager, they’ll know how to arrange the furniture and create optical space, so the same living room looks airy and spacious to a potential buyer.

They’ll create a harmonious transition from one room to another, so the buyer gets an idea of what to do with their décor once they purchase it. home stagers work around existing flaws, so the buyer focuses on the bigger picture, instead of the imperfections.

Increases the Value of Your Home

One of the most significant benefits of home-staging in San Mateo is that it leads to higher offers. If your home stands out, more buyers become interested in it. t a majority of them will be willing to go over the asking price just to get it.

this isn’t just an assumption to talk you into home staging, but a proven fact. According to a National Association of Realtor’s report, 40% of buyers’ agents alluded that home staging changed the buyer’s perception of a home on sale. A separate report by Homelight noted that staged homes take fewer days on the market, and that staging increases the value of a home between 1% and 10%. So, staging a home in San Mateo not only improves its value but also reduces the average days on the market.

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