How To Sell Your House While Living In It

How To Sell Your House While Living In It

How To Sell Your House While Living In It

Selling your home takes time and patience and as much as we enjoy the sight of a staged house, there are some things to be considered. 
Many homeowners think that in order to sell a home, they need to leave the premises for it to sell. This actually isn’t the case, you can still live in the house, but staging your house for potential buyers will help you sell your home faster if you follow these tips on how to sell your house while living in it. 

Tips On How To Sell Your House While Still Living In It

Not a lot of homeowners go the route of occupying their home while in the process of selling it. Here are some key ideas you need to remember on how to sell a house while still living in it, it’s a lot more possible than you think!

Be Honest About Any Problems

If you have problems with mold or if there are flooding issues, it is best to inform potential buyers/real estate agent about this one. This is to ensure that they know exactly what they’re buying and so that you can avoid complaints in the future after the purchase has been finalized.

Make Any Repairs

Leaving repairs for your potential buyer may only decrease your chance of selling your home with your asking price. Try to finalize any repairs that need to be done for you to sell your home. 

Declutter Things

Since you’re planning on moving, why not use this as the opportunity to get rid of the stuff that has no purpose for you anymore. As Marie Kondo said, “keep only the things that spark joy.”

Take a Vacation

Been postponing that family trip ever since? Now’s the perfect time to hit the road and take a vacation! Hire a trusted real estate agent and enjoy your vacation. This can help you destress from any worries you have about selling your house. Make sure it’s clean and ready to present to potential buyers!

Tidy Up Your Home

This is an obvious tip, but make sure to store away any personal items in your home especially during the time of the viewing. Potential buyers want to envision themselves living inside your house and seeing a dirty house isn’t going to do it. If you need to, hire cleaners to help make sure the house looks as clean as possible. 

Don’t Be Home During Showings

This is also an obvious tip, but would you believe that some homeowners still forget about this one? The buyers want to feel comfortable during the showing, so try to accomplish errands or hang out at the nearby park, anything that involves you having to leave the house. 


Remember that a home is a big investment and a buyer’s patience may be short. Be prepared to spend time showing the home and answering questions. It may take several showings before a sale is finalized but rest assured, once you follow these tips then your entire sale process will be much smoother!

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