I’m A Sur-Thriver | September 2020

I’m A Sur-Thriver | September 2020

Dear Friends,

As you all know, I have been doing a lot of work to figure some things out about myself and it has been both enlightening and humbling.

I have been prayerfully asking why I respond to certain things in my life the way that I do and asking hard questions about why I think about things the way that I do. And, well, be careful what you ask for because, sooner or later, if you are truly seeking, all will be revealed! 

My big “Aha” these past few weeks is this. We all experience life differently and we all live life in ways we were raised and were modeled. I was raised by a single mother. All I ever learned was to survive. For years people would say, “That Rica, she’s a survivor.” And, truth be told, I was incredibly proud of that truth. I am a survivor. Although I am thankful to be a “survivor.” The majority of my life I have “just survived” … just gotten by. My big “Aha” is that I am and I can be MORE than a survivor.

The definition of survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. A survivor is defined as a person who copes well with difficulties in their life. Again, not bad qualities in and of themselves yet, what I’ve realized is that I have limited myself to “just survive.” It’s as if I have never allowed myself to do or want more in life than just to survive simply because that is all I know, what was modeled to me, and what I took to believe was my lot in life.

Friends, I want to THRIVE – one who prospers & flourishes; to grow or develop well or vigorously.I no longer want to just “live or exist,” I intend to prosper & grow vigorously!!!

I intend to SurThrive!!! To live prosperously! As ridiculous as it sounds, I have never given myself “permission” to live beyond just surviving! What an incredible revelation!!

I have been living my life the way that life was modeled to me without even being aware of that … until now!

To say that I am overjoyed by this new awareness is an understatement! I am excited, I am thrilled (and a little scared). To admit to all of you that I have been afraid to dream is humbling yet, as we’ve all lived through the unexpectedness of life, I believe it’s time for me to step into my potential and, if I fall I will dust myself off, adjust my crown and move on! Life is clearly too short to limit ourselves, don’t you agree?

So, my question & challenge to you is this: Are you living your full potential? Have there been experiences in your life that you’ve allowed to define you or limit you that you may not even be aware of?

If so, I encourage you to face whatever limiting beliefs you’ve had about yourself and SHINE!

The world is waiting. I’m waiting! I believe in you!




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