Your Commitments Define You | November 2019

Your Commitments Define You | November 2019

Dear Friends,

Recently I read a devotion that talked about commitment. Have you ever read something that caused you to pause? That was exactly what happened to me. It read that your commitments shape your life more than anything else. Your commitments can develop you or they can destroy you, yet either way, they will define you. How does that resonate with you? It goes on to read that it is at this very point of commitment that most people miss God’s purpose for their lives. Many are afraid to commit to anything and just drift through life. Others make half-hearted commitments to competing values, which lead to frustration and mediocrity. Others make a full commitment to goals, such as being wealthy & famous and end up disappointed and bitter. We become whatever we’re committed to. I admitted to you that for the past few years I had been afraid to commit to anything and I have, literally, been drifting through life. I have also made half-hearted commitments to competing values which definitely led to a life of mediocrity and frustration. Today I am certainly committed to my real estate business more than ever yet, the relationships that matter to me most are suffering because of it. I’ve learned that, if you’re not careful, you can actually commit to something to a fault.

My husband recently sent me a text message that read, “It feels like all of your time and energy gets spent on work and Facebook and you have nothing left for Samuel and I.” Ouch! As much as that message hurt me, I am thankful that we have a good enough relationship that he felt safe communicating that to me. One thing my husband knows about me is that I am always looking for ways to improve as a human being.

I am so grateful for his trust in our relationship to be honest with me about how he’s feeling and as much as it hurts me to know he feels neglected I am committed, more than ever, to better my relationship with both him and my son. My love language is very different from my husband’s and, oftentimes, I express love to him that is not how he receives love.

Conversely, my clients and colleagues seem to embrace, encourage and have gratitude for the ways I express love to them and it makes me feel so appreciated because of it. Essentially my love tank is full when I work, volunteer and help others. That same expression of love doesn’t translate well at home and I am Our humble little family

So, here’s to a New Year of making healthy commitments that foster gracious, loving, and honest relationships!

With love & gratitude,






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