Top 5 Moving Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Moving Tips and Tricks

Planning to move to San Mateo? If so, then that’ll be among the best decisions you’ll make this year! San Mateo has an affordable cost of living, it is secure, and has plenty of business opportunities. However, moving, whether across town, states, or to a new country altogether, is quite a daunting process. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. With our list of moving tips below, your move to a new home in San Mateo should be seamless.

1.   Start Early and Create a Moving Checklist

If you’re thinking of moving to San Mateo, start planning early. This could be anywhere between a month or two before your move. Evaluate your financial standing to determine if you’ll hire a mover or not. If you plan on hiring one, then the move will be seamless because everything will be done for you. But if you plan on dealing with the move singlehandedly, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Create a moving checklist highlighting the things you’ll do from now until the day of the move. Your checklist could include tasks like:

  • Notifying the utility companies so they can cancel your contracts
  • If currently renting, carrying out minor repairs, so you get your deposit back
  • Notifying your landlord or putting up your home for sale
  • Finding moving supplies
  • Packing

A checklist enables you to handle one day at a time, so by the time you’re moving, the process will be smooth-sailing.

2.   Cut Back on Clutter

We all have that box of unused stuff sitting somewhere in our homes. Packing up this stuff when you’ve got essential items to pack makes the move harder. The first step towards a seamless move is to cut back on clutter. Before you put anything into that moving box, ask yourself if it’s indispensable. If not, get rid of it by either giving it to a friend, donating it, or throwing it away. The less clutter you have, the less you’ll have to pack, move, and unpack, and also, the more organized your new space in San Mateo will be.

3.   Sort Your Stuff in Categories

Once you get rid of everything unnecessary, it’s time to organize your stuff, so unpacking becomes easier. Get boxes and label them by category. For instance, if you have a dozen shoes, pack them separately and label the box “Shoes”. Do the same for cutlery, books, relevant documents, clothes, and the likes. This will make unpacking a walk in the park since you can identify what is where. To keep costs as low as possible, try and find free moving supplies. For instance, in the case of moving boxes, check out Craigslist’s free section, or buy them at warehouse stores since they’ll be much cheaper.

4.   Take Pictures of Your Appliances and Electronics

Moving isn’t just about removing stuff from the house you currently reside in; it’s also about arranging it in your new space. It comes with many costs, and the last thing you want is to pay for an electrician to help you reconnect your electronics. You can eliminate this cost by taking pictures of any appliance or device you usually find hard to connect yourself, so you can see where all the cables go when reconnecting them in your new house. This will save you not only unnecessary costs but also time.

5.   Pack an Essentials Bag

If you’re not hiring professional movers, you will have to do the job by yourself (and hopefully with the help of your friends!) Once you arrive at your new home in San Mateo, chances are you’ll be too exhausted to start unpacking right away. Save yourself the stress of having to rummage through a box full of clothes trying to find your night robe, or toiletries by packing an essentials bag. Put anything you think you may use on that first night in your new home. This way, you’ll get a night of good rest and wake up rejuvenated and ready to unpack.

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Moving is among the most daunting, yet unavoidable tasks we all take on at some point in our lives. With everything you have on your hands, check one thing off your to-do list by allowing experts from Meraki Real Estate to find you your new home in San Mateo.

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